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Cotswold House Extra Care & Restaurant Development

The development of ANDREWS COURT has always been a Community Project. From turning the old car showroom into a Costcutter, Post Office and Pharmacy, to converting the old workshop into individual units for local businesses. Suitable housing for the older residents of Lyneham was a vital need identified by the community. 


The second phase of the development is the building of 18 Extra Care 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments, Cotswold House is being built on the plot of the previous house, Alyssa, located opposite the retail businesses of ANDREWS COURT 

The third phase of the development of ANDREWS COURT and again a major need identified by the community of Lyneham, is a Family Restaurant Building to be constructed facing the road opposite the Petrol Forecourt. It will provide facilities for two restaurants to cater for the variety of culinary tastes of the local residents and surrounding areas.

Please view and download the brochure below to discover more information on Cotswold House, an exciting development for ANDREWS COURT and the whole of the Lyneham Community.

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